Conesus Lake Watershed Project - SUNY Brockport, USDA

Hydrologic Data
This data is open source but the use of this data should be cited. Please contact the Project Director, Dr. Joseph Makarewicz for permission and citation specifics.



Data from continuous monitoring stations is currently being collected from seven sub-watersheds of Conesus Lake, NY.







The monitoring stations consist of a flow meter, which measures the level of each stream continuously and stores it at a resolution of one minute. The flow meter is connected to an automatic sampler which is programmed to sample hydrometeorological events when a threshold of stream level rise over time is met. Manual download of stream data and point sampling is done on a weekly basis.

Water samples are analyzed for soluble reactive phosphorus, total phosphorus, nitrate, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, total suspended solids and sodium. Stream discharge data and losses of the above constituents from each sub-watershed is available in both daily and weekly resolution via a SQL database where the enduser can select the watershed, parameter(s) and time scale of data download in a spreadsheet format. Data is updated continuously and is to be considered preliminary.


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