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2005 Meeting in San Diego, CA (search on Makarewicz)

2004 Meeting in Florida - Powerpoint presentation

IAGLR 2004
47th Annual Conference
Great Lakes Need Great Watersheds

May 24-28, 2004
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ont.

More than 500 people attended IAGLR's 47th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, which was hosted by the University of Waterloo. More than 400 presentations were made, including approximately 100 from students. The following presentations were made at the Conference by personnel from the Conesus Lake Project funded by USDA - CSREES.

The monitoring of nutrients and soil loss from seven manipulated sub-watersheds of Conesus Lake, NY
Theodore W. Lewis, State University of NY at Brockport

Determining the Impact of Stream Nutrient Loading on Metaphyton in Littoral Areas of Conesus Lake, NY

Peter D'Aiuto, SUNY Brockport

Identification of E. coli Sources in the Conesus Lake Watershed Using PCR

Jason Somarelli, SUNY Brockport

Microbiology of Streams Draining Conesus Lake Watershed: Challenges

Modeling Stream Plumes in Conesus Lake

Annual Project Scientific Workshop 2005

Annual Project Scientific Workshop 2004

Annual Project Scientific Workshop 2003


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